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Our design process & lifecycle management

We work closely with you throughout the process so you can the gain full advantage of our transparent design process and the take advantage of the possibility to influence the process during reviews. You can also access dependable and up-to-date documentation of your project’s progress through an online project portal.

Greentech works closely with clients throughout the product lifecycle

Your project from start to finish:

STEP 1: Concept and specification

We start your custom design project with a blueprint platform developed by our research team. This guarantees timelines and risk-free completion of design projects.

STEP 2: Design and development

We use our project experience and industry knowhow to create a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

STEP 3: Prototypes and test-spin

At this stage we establish product specifications and deliverables. Before the manufacturing stage, we make sure that everything is in order with prototypes and type-tests.

STEP 4: Manufacturing and ramp-up

Our design services help you cut the costs, the burden and the risk – and give you power supplies & motor drive solutions that function beautifully.

STEP 5: Lifecycle management

Lifecycle management aims to optimize your product’s overall lifecycle cost. By actively seeking ways to improve your product performance, we provide you with design upgrades to meet the latest available technology along with product service and maintenance.

For each project and client we work hard to offer the very latest and most cost-effective technology, sourcing alternatives and logistics methods to support your business. When you need a supply of products for a long period we secure it through contractual arrangements. Throughout, we encourage you to engage in a continuous dialogue with our operations, design and sales departments.




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