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Technology: Power supply and drive solutions

Platform approach

Our technology platforms have been proven on the field. This means fewer risks for you in terms of timeframe or technical success of the product. Our research activities focus on developing and creating new product platforms. By using these platforms in our bespoke design projects, we are able to offer our customers a proven technology solution with lower risk project schedule. Together with this, our technology platforms utilize our standard component libraries to minimize component lead times and improve lifecycle management.

AC/DC platform

  • Power range from tens of watts up to several kilo volt
  • Input voltage ranges as per customers requirement, typically from tens of watts to 1500V DC/ 15/25KV AC
  • Proprietary algorithm digital control
  • Self diagnostics and digital communications interfaces
  • Output voltage range from tens up to hundreds of volts
  • Efficiency up to 96%
  • Two step or three step rectifier as per customer requirement

DC/DC platform

  • Power range from tens of watts up to several kilowatts
  • DC/DC conversion for typical back-up systems, from 12VDC up to 220VDC
  • Optional digital control
  • Special high voltage industrial/railway solutions, input voltage >1000VDC
  • Self diagnostics and digital communications interfaces

DC/AC platform

  • Power range from kilowatt up to tens of kilowatts (modular topology)
  • Modular systems with redundancy
  • Input voltage ranging from 24VDC up to >1000VDC
  • Auxiliary AC power for AC load, High voltage traction converter applications
  • Design platform for low voltage & medium voltage motor drive application
  • Design platform for energy recovery and regeneration, braking energy solutions



Power Supply and Drive Solutions

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