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Mallickarjun A.S, Chairman

Mallickarjuna ASMallick is chairman of GreenTech Labs. An electronic engineer with 22+ years experience Mallick specializes in power electronics, is passionate about renewable energy and conservation and is the designer of various solutions for standby power for solar energy systems. Mallick mentors and inspires his team and instills an entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on strong customer interaction and support and out of the box thinking.

Prior to his current role, Mallick has guided product design for many technology start-ups. His focus on the efficient use of available energy led to the design and development of industry-sized LED lighting solutions (Click to read his article titled ‘Choosing the Right Light Bulb for the Right Application’). He also plays an active role as technical advisor to the ABID, where he provides various solutions to conserve electric energy.

His passion for music and deep domain expertise in power electronics has also won him a position as technical advisor to Audible Dynamics Ltd. In this position he has designed, prototyped and engineered electrostatic speakers, ribbon tweeters, open-baffle, sealed and vented enclosures and specialized sub-woofers, DSP (digital signal processing) and analog filters.

A nature lover, Mallick is involved in local water conservation activities with a deep interest in developing game changing solutions to real world problems. He has proposed and implemented various low-cost and efficient ways to harvest rainwater, implemented many local RWH wells and written ‘Method to Work-Out the Surface Area & Storage Volume of RWH Unfilled Ring Well’. In his opinion, it is the love for nature that fuels his focus on technology for non-conventional energy resources.


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