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Custom Solutions

GreenTech Labs has expertise in designing and manufacturing power supply & drive solutions. Our solutions lead the industry because we base each one on extensive experience and in depth understanding of our customers’ applications. Not only do you get competitive-price-over-lifetime solutions, they are also robust enough to outlive most products – even in the harshest conditions.

Why custom design?

Here’s how tailoring a power supply & drive solutions pays off:

  • Solve challenges that are unique to your situation
  • Tap into expertise by making use of our application specific capabilities, development skills and latest technology knowhow
  • Cut costs by lowering the price of your own product development
  • Get control of your product’s lifecycle power supply solutions.
We help you manage every aspect of power supply & drive solutions:

I. Design optimal power supply solutions for your specific needs
II. Maintain manufacturing & product solutions
III. Phase-out and upgrade product designs.

Custom design PSUs & Drive solutions

GreenTech Labs is proud to be at the forefront of power supply solutions in three sectors with the most rigorous demands for reliable power supply and overall lifecycle cost-efficiency: aeronautics, industrial and transportation. Time and again we’ve helped our customers transform their businesses with applications that have been tailored for their exclusive needs, are highly reliable, and have unfailing quality standards.



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